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TC Electronic IMPACT TWIN - Occasione!!!

State of the Art Firewire Audio Interface



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Interfaccia audio con collegamento Firewire a 4-ingressi e 4-uscite analogiche, espandibile via Adat. Dotata di due preamplificatori microfonici, due uscite cuffie separate, interfaccia Midi integrata. Funzionalità di routing e mixing avanzate, effetti integrati, altissima qualità dei convertitori!!!


Impact Twin is a state of the art audio interface that features ground-breaking technology to ensure that the music you record sounds as good on the inside of your computer as it does on the outside. How?

Well, Impact Twin's two mic preamps utilize our Impact III™ Technology featuring three stages of top level processing. You get a high-quality and very flexible mic preamp, superior 24/192 HD Conversion, plus a set of recording Channel Tools that lets you shape and optimize your sound making it the perfect recording. With each of these stages carefully combined behind Impact Twin's rugged and cool looking exterior, you have a 'take anywhere' device that offers the ultimate in recording quality.

Impact III Mic Preamp:

The Impact III Mic preamp makes the best of any microphone. So whether you record with the finest vintage tube mics, the most demanding low-budget condensers, or even a handheld dynamic, Impact Twin has been designed from the ground up to maximize the signal you record. Whether recording instrument, line or mic, with or without phantom power, Impact Twin works the way you need it to.

24/192 HD Converters:

No matter how good your mic preamps, if your signal path doesn't lead on to the best converters then you may as well pack up and go home. Impact Twin's 24/192 HD Converters let you select your conversion rate - all the way from 44.1kHz right up to High Definition 192kHz for the ultimate in pristine audio capture, maintaining the essential transients of your sound.

Channel Tools:

For years we've been innovating in the world of signal enhancement, so Impact Twin includes essential recording Channel Tools that go even further to optimize your sound with onboard EQ, Compressor and De-esser that quickly, simply and invisibly tame and enhance those signals - no matter what you're recording.

- Two Mic Preamps Featuring IMPACT III Technology: With these two pristine mic preamps you never have to worry about recording quality again.

- Hi-Z Guitar Optimized Inputs: Ensure the tone of your guitars is beautifully preserved with two front-panel mounted Hi-Z guitar-optimized inputs.

- Quick Compressor Access and Feedback: Access the crucial compressor setting directly from Impact Twin's front panel - the light ring instantly shows gain reduction.

- JetPLL Jitter Reduction: Everybody talks about analog sound quality, but what about digital? With built-in JetPLL jitter reduction technology, Impact Twin ensures superb audio quality all the way through the device.

- 192/24 HD Conversion: Impact Twin's HD converters let you select your conversion rate - all the way from 44.1 kHz right up to High Definition 192 kHz for the ultimate in pristine audio capture, maintaining the essential transients of your sound.

- Channel Tools: Quickly and easily optimize the tone of your recordings with Impact Twin's built-in channel tools.

- Direct Monitor Reverb: A simple way to add reverb at the monitor stage so the singer can enjoy quality reverb through their headphones.

- Included Plug-ins: Impact Twin comes bundled with pristine TC effects processing. The M40 Studio Reverb is based on an algorithm from our acclaimed Reverb 4000 processor. The multi-purpose ResFilter provides ultra-fat filter sound. The Assimilator EQ curve assimilation tool lets you quickly grab an EQ curve from any sound and apply it to your own.

- iCheck: The iCheck (Integrity Check) feature provides a shortcut for revealing artifacts of data reduction - essential when encoding mp3 or AAC files.

- 14/14 I/O - 4 Analog & 10 Digital: 14 ins and 14 outs give the flexibility to record and monitor just about any device you can think of.


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