1010music introduces to you the 1010 Music NanoBox Tangerine! Recognized for crafting esteemed sampling instruments like bitbox, blackbox, and nanobox razzmatazz, we know many of you have been anticipating the arrival of that übersampler tailored for intricate, dense, multi-sampled sound sets. Well, that moment has arrived!

1010 Music NanoBox Tangerine delivers powerful sampling in an ultra-portable form factor. With this nanobox, you can add recording, sample playback, clip launch, slicing, and musically intelligent looping capabilities to your desktop or travel rig.

With an intuitive touchscreen interface, 1010 Music NanoBox Tangerine makes it easy to select, edit, and tweak your samples. Stream large samples of up to 4 GB directly from the microSD card. Interact with other musical components via MIDI. Load multi-sample banks with over 500 samples for amazing instrument reproduction. Tweak your configurations to get just the right sound, then save them as multiple presets for future use.

• Ultra-Compact & Lightweight: Measuring just 9,53 cm x 7,62 cm x 3,81 cm and weighing a mere quarter-pound, the nanobox tangerine is a marvel of portability in the sampling world.
• Powerful Polyphony: Revel in 24-voice polyphony, combined with the capability to stream 576 simultaneous samples straight from a microSD – compactness meets power.
• Intuitive Design: A vivid 2-inch color touchscreen combined with 8 sample pads ensures a seamless and responsive sampling experience.
• Automated Magic: The Multi-sample Wizard facilitates automatic sampling and mapping to other MIDI synths and drum machines, while the device boasts an automatic sample slicer with editing functionalities.
• Premium Sounds: Experience a stellar 1,7 GB piano from the creators of Native Instrument’s Maverick and Grandeur, complemented by a diverse collection of sample shots, loops, and sound effects.
• Enhanced Integration: The device supports importing of SMPL and INST tags in sample metadata with an activity display for progress monitoring, and offers both MIDI In/Out with MIDI Clock as well as an analog clock input.
• Creative Diversity: Features like the Poly X Mode, a 16-pattern sequencer, and built-in Reverb and Delay effects make every sampling session a creative delight.

1010 Music NanoBox Tangerine 1010 Music NanoBox Tangerine


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