The AKG Groove Pack by Perception Series is the unbeatable 6-Pack Drum Micropphone Set for drummers and bands on stage and in the rehearsal room.

AKG Groove Pack is a high-performance microphone starter kit with a sensational price/performance ratio. It contains everything you need to perfectly capture the sound of a complete drum set.

The microphones can also be used for miking percussion, bass and guitar amps, brass, woodwind and lots of other instruments. The P17 overhead mics can be used for a quick stereo recording of your band’s rehearsal session.

The AKG Groove Pack contains the following six high-performance microphones from the Perception Live series:
– 1 x P2 bass drum microphone
– 2 x P17* for overheads
– 3 x P4 for toms and snare

The complete set comes in a protective aluminum carrying case.
*The P17 is technically identical to the P170 and is not available as a single unit.

– Complete drum-kit microphone pack including four dynamic and two true condenser overhead microphones
– Roadworthy, rugged aluminum carrying case for easy transport and storage
– Complete with all microphone clamps and stand adapters for plug and play

AKG Groove Pack components:
– P2: High-performance dynamic bass microphone for kick drum, deep brass and bass amp miking
– P4: High-performance dynamic instrument microphone for drums, percussion, wind instruments and guitar amps
– P170: HIGH-PERFORMANCE INSTRUMENTAL MICROPHONE For project studios, home recording & stage
– H440: Adapter plate
– Standadapter



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