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Quiklok RS656 Supporto Rack 10x Unità Quick View

Quiklok RS656

Il Quiklok RS656 è un mobile a Rack verticale da 10 unità che fa parte di un sistema modulare di supporti rack da 19" standard. Partendo dalla base con ruote (modello RS655) ...
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In offerta! Rean Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1 Quick View

Rean by Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1

The Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1 is a economical and remarkable sleek designed 1/4“ modular Patch Panel for 19“ rack mount (19“ x 1U) with a reinforced metal housing. Each of it‘s ...
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Behringer HA6000 PowerPlay

Behringer HA6000 PowerPlay is a 6-Channel High-Power Headphones Mixing and Distribution Amplifier. An articulate headphone mix can make all the difference in the outcome of a ...
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Samson PS01 Pop Filter Quick View

Samson PS01 Pop Filter

The Samson PS01 Microphone Pop Filter is an essential mic accessory for any studio or other vocal recording environment. It features a dual-layer 4.75" nylon mesh screen that ...
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Focusrite ISA ADN2 Card per ISA One

Focusrite ISA One Digital Out Board
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Rode NT4 Stereo

The RØDE NT4 stereo microphone offers a perfect X/Y stereo array without the need for matched pair microphones and complex stereo bars and equipment. Combining a matched pair of ...
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Behringer MDX2600 v2 Composer Pro-XL

Behringer MDX2600 v2 Composer Pro-XL is a Reference-Class 2-Channel Expander / Gate / Compressor / Peak Limiter with Integrated De-Esser, Dynamic Enhancer and Tube ...
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Brent Averill Enterprises 1028 SINGLE Channel RackMount Quick View

Brent Averill Enterprises 1028 SINGLE Channel RackMount

Genelec 8040B Black (coppia) Quick View

Genelec 8040B (black) (coppia)

Genelec 8040B (black) (coppia)