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Arturia DrumBrute Impact

Analog Drum Synthesizer Torna indietro

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Moog CP-251

MOOG MUSIC CP-251 MoogerFooger Control Processor
399,00€ Acquista
Akai XR20 Quick View

Akai XR20

AKAI XR20 Beat Production Station
300,00€ 275,00€ Acquista

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard

Access Virus TI2 Keyboard
2.350,00€ 2.299,99€ Acquista
Jomox T-Resonator mkII Quick View

Jomox T-Resonator mkII

The Jomox T-Resonator mkII is something like an M-Resonator + Digital Delay. But you can select 8 different delay algorithms, each with different delays and different feedbacks ...

Access Virus TI2 Polar

Access Virus TI2 Polar
2.350,00€ 2.299,99€ Acquista

Vermona DRM1 mkIII Standard

The Vermona DRM1 mkIII Standard is an analogue drum synthesizer. It offers eight instruments, each with seven knobs for forming the sound plus a panorama- and a volume-controller. ...
650,00€ 638,00€ Acquista
Doepfer A-170 Dual Slew Limiter Quick View

Doepfer A-170 SL Dual Slew Limiter

The Eurorack Module Doepfer A-170 SL Dual Slew Limiter contains two separate slew limiters, also known as portamento controllers or integrators. The first SL has just one joint ...
65,00€ Acquista

Sherman FilterBank 2 TableTop

Lo Sherman FILTERBANK 2 TableTop è un potentissimo processore analogico di filtraggio e distorsione in formato rack da 3 unità.
770,00€ 599,99€ Acquista
Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit #1 Quick View

Doepfer A-100 DIY Kit #1

The A-100 DIY kit #1 is a combination of components that allows the inexpensive do-it-yourself construction of a case for the A-100.

Vermona PerFourMer mkII

1.400,00€ 1.265,99€ Acquista