Arturia Polybrute 12 is an Analog Morphing Synthesizer with 12-voices Polyphony, the most expressive synthesizer ever. With a FullTouch® keyboard, unrivaled sonic palette and advanced software companion – it offers more sonic possibilities than any other analog synthesizer.

If you thought you knew what a polysynth was capable of – think again. If you thought you knew what the interplay between human touch and analog synthesis could sound like – think again.

Arturia Polybrute 12 takes in-the-moment sonic expression to a whole new level, with a groundbreaking FullTouch® keyboard that brings you into direct and tactile connection with your sound like never before.

A machine as sensitive as it is powerful, embodying a dynamic and expressive sound on par with acoustic instruments.

The next-generation keyboard; the 12-voice architecture; the modulation matrix; the Morphée pad; the ribbon control; the bi-timbral morphing presets – Arturia Polybrute 12 unites them all so you can discover truly breathtaking composition textures.

The future of analog synthesis
Experience unprecedented tactile control while you play
Conduct an ensemble of parameters with every keystroke, feel the Brute force of Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s analog VCO’s, weave a web of envelopes and LFO’s with the modulation matrix – discover a colossal, rich, luminous and infinitely mutable sound that will define a new era of expressive analog synthesis.

FullTouch® MPE keyboard
Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s FullTouch® keyboard enables polyphonic aftertouch expression across the entire key movement range, inviting incredibly dynamic composition unmatched by any other synth. Choose between regular synth action aftertouch modes and FullTouch® modes for a cascade of modulation at your fingertips.

Limitless sound design
The 12-voice architecture of Arturia Polybrute 12 combined with its analog oscillators, filters, advanced matrix and integrated FX allow for an infinite spectrum of sonic color to be explored. Choose between 480 dynamic presets or advanced end-to-end sound design and discover Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s seismic sound.

Morphing & multi-axis control
Morph seamlessly between two states in a single preset and discover Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s innovative Morphée controller which allows you to transition between 3 destination parameters. Combined with PolyBrute’s keyboard, discover truly limitless in-the-moment modulation while you play.

Seamless DAW integration
PolyBrute Connect provides a coherent bridge between Arturia Polybrute 12 and your virtual studio projects. Manage your patches and easily import new presets and sound banks. Control Arturia Polybrute 12 in real-time with every parameter change mirrored between synth and software.

Sound corner
A truly polyvalent synth, able to traverse vast sonic territory
From the most striking basses to glistening pads and utterly alive and undulating composition textures – Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s sound transcends all boundaries.

The most expressive synthesizer ever
Discover an immense and animate sound that will send shivers up your spine.
Arturia Polybrute 12 features a next-generation MPE technology polyphonic keyboard that offers an unmatched level of sonic control while maintaining that classic keyboard feel – adding to its expressive arsenal alongside the Morphée and ribbon controller.

A patented keybed architecture that has been years in the making: FullTouch® describes the keyboards’ dynamic aftertouch responsiveness – able to capture the precise position and acceleration of each key across the entire movement range.
With three new aftertouch modes, Arturia Polybrute 12 invites a playing style that evolves and breathes; allowing composers, artists and synthesists alike to express their inner creative voice with unparalleled delicacy and detail – for a sound that can go from incredibly subtle to infinitely expansive in one motion.

12-Voice Polyphony
Create complex and lush harmonic structures, huge unison effects, dynamic sonic layering and split keyboard performances with Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s expanded voice architecture. Use each hand and finger to command a unique aftertouch input per key for never-before-heard composition textures.

Morphée controller
It does more than just put morphing at your fingertips; you can discreetly map the X and Y touch axes plus the Z pressure axis to bring a new form of control to any destination parameters available in the Mod Matrix. You can even use the Morphée to randomize your sequences or arpeggios with spice, dice, and ratcheting!

The ribbon controller
We’ve resurrected the coveted ribbon controller, once a staple on classic hardware synthesizers. Positioned immediately above the keybed, you can assign it to your chosen modulation destination and glide effortlessly up and down to alter your sound.

More sonic possibilities than any other synth
Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s voices, signature Brute oscillators, dual analog filters and modulation matrix allow for more sonic possibilities than any other synth – from luminous pads to synth-string plucks.

The Oscillators
It all begins with two powerful Brute analog VCOs that generate sawtooth, triangle, and square waves simultaneously. Add edge with the Metalizer and low-end depth with sub-oscillator, as well as having cross-mod & sync controls right at your fingertips.

The Steiner & Ladder Filters
Add color and shape with two classic filter designs, configurable in series, parallel, or continuously variable. The first, a Steiner 12db/octave filter with continuous slope type, enhanced with signature Brute Factor feedback; the second, the legendary 24db/octave Ladder filter for that essential low-pass smoothness, supercharged with biting distortion.

Modulation matrix & more
Create your own unique web of modulators and dive deeper into your sound design than ever before; the Matrix is where Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s analog reactivity and digital precision collide.

1 Presets
Instant access to 480 presets and hundreds of preset slots, including exclusive patches from the greatest sound designers in the world.

2 Sequencer
A tactile visual interface with everything you need to create dynamic polyphonic sequences, arpeggios, parameter motion recording and more.

3 Mods
A 96-point digital patchbay with up to 32 destinations – easily route any of your modulation sources and controllers to influence dozens of PolyBrute 12’s parameters at once.

4 Morph
Adjust the modulation sources and destinations for the A and B states within each preset to deepen your morphing contrast and color.

The most advanced studio integration
Combining the tactility of analog hardware with the convenience of virtual instrument flexibility, PolyBrute Connect replicates the entire front panel as a standalone Mac/PC app and a plugin for all major DAWs.

Craft sound
Explore the depths of Arturia Polybrute 12 ’s advanced features with a like-for-like virtual interface.

Control in real-time
Every parameter change, either on synth or software, is mirrored by the other.

Manage your patches
Organize your favorite sounds with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and easily import new presets & sound banks.

Preview sounds from the store
Discover new sonic territories with the Sound Store and preview sound banks directly on Arturia Polybrute 12.

Distinction in design
Arturia Polybrute 12 represents a leap forward in analog synthesis, while remaining firmly rooted in synth design heritage.
Arturia Polybrute 12 enters a new era with its groundbreaking FullTouch® MPE keyboard combined with the same controls, buttons, and expressive components that are a delight to use. Crafted with the finest materials, including walnut wood and a striking aluminum exterior – Arturia Polybrute 12 is designed to meet the demands of professional musicians as well as appeal to the enthusiasts. Its not just for looks either, the vents at the back provide passive cooling so PolyBrute can operate in complete silence.

Arturia Polybrute 12 Arturia Polybrute 12


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