Arturia RackBRUTE 6U è una soluzione modulare solida ed affidabile per ospitare device in formato Eurorack.

Con la possibilità di collegamento diretto con il MiniBrute 2 e MiniBrute 2S tramite l’apposito sistema di connessione Link, Arturia RackBRUTE 6U consente un’espansione totale verso il mondo Eurorack per i due MiniBrute ma si può utilizzare naturalmente anche in modalità stand alone con qualsiasi altro setup.

Tra le caratteristiche principali del sistema c’è la possibilità di avere 6 differenti configurazioni, potendo anche piegare il Arturia RackBRUTE 6U per utilizzarlo come una vera e propria custodia per il MiniBrute 2/2S per avere una soluzione pratica e portatile con l’apposita borsa.

Arturia RackBRUTE 6U consente di ospitare moduli fino a 176hp, 171hp con modulo di alimentazione collegato (“hp” sta per “horizontal pitch” il formato di misura standard Eurorack per la larghezza orizzontale con 1 hp = 5.08mm). In base alle 6 differenti configurazioni si può avere un pannello angolato posizionato al di sopra del MiniBrute 2/2S o avere i moduli ben visibili di fronte.

Arturia RackBRUTE 6U integra anche un modulo di alimentazione da 5hp con LED di status e fino a 1600mA +12V output, 1600mA -12V output (2 circuiti separati da 800mA) e 900mA +5V output.

Caratteristiche principali:
– Soluzione Modulare per il formato Eurorack
– Possibilità di connettere MiniBrute 2 e MiniBrute 2S con sistema Link
– Soluzione pieghevole
– Soluzione solida e affidabile
– 6 possibili configurazioni
– RackBrute Travel Bag opzionale

Descrizione in Inglese dal sito ufficiale:
Arturia RackBRUTE 6U is an all-inclusive Eurorack case ensuring the total security of your modules and maximum practicality in all conditions of use. Its multi-position configuration and included dependable power supply make it the true specialist solution.

Arturia RackBRUTE 6U provides you with 176HP to store and secure your enviable collection of Eurorack modules in an everlasting yet lightweight aluminum chassis flanked by two wood panels. Once you’re locked and loaded, your modular setup will look and feel like a monolith, yet more flexible than ever thanks the Link fastening system and the paired handle. When on the move, it will make the transport of your modular equipment a walk in the park. When in position, it will let you organize your command center the way you want it. Modules don’t live on love alone, and Arturia RackBRUTE 6U keeps everything alive with its +12V / -12V / +5V power supply.

When you have to hold your position for hours, it’s better to be well set up and to have a clear view of the surroundings. For this reason, we developed the Link system, a convenient and simple-to-use fastening system that allows you to orientate the dedicated handle so that you can give your modular the most tactically advantageous position. Whether prone, crouching, or standing to attention, Arturia RackBRUTE 6U will always be on the lookout, ready for orders.

Troops are nothing if they are not properly fed. No problem, Arturia RackBRUTE 6U is not just a box. It includes an formidable +12V / -12V / +5V power supply ensuring your firepower up to 1600mA. This is coupled with a military-grade power rail with 32 available slots, including advanced noise filtering technology that guarantees optimum conditions.

The Arturia RackBRUTE 6U fully takes advantage of the Link System, and it’s not alone. You’ll also find the Arturia Link on the more compact RackBrute 3U, as well as the self-contained MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S synthesizers. What solution will you go for? Will your field of operations be fully based on Eurorack, or the powerful force of analog monosynth flagship supported by a fleet of complementary modules?

This technology is the brainchild of our secret research department, but we wanted it to be patent-free so that all our allies could adopt and benefit from it. The modular music battleground is likely to get crowded with an ever-growing variety of Link-enhanced system.

The success of your operation depends on your sensitive material arriving in perfect working order. Arturia RackBRUTE 6U is up to the challenge. The handle, the chassis, the threaded nut strips, each of its strategic components is made aluminum or steel. Arturia RackBRUTE 6U will carry your setup no matter the context, not matter the weight, the distance and the destination. The built-in spacers will also make sure that no collisions occur when transporting two RackBrute units or a RackBrute and MiniBrute 2. Maybe you also want to keep your modular away from prying eyes. Then, trust the optional RackBrute Travel Case for more covert missions.

Main Features:
– Eurorack format, 176 HP
– Aluminum Chassis
– Provided with a 5 HP power module
– Up to 1600mA on +12V and 1600mA on -12V (4 separate circuits of 800mA)
– Up to 900mA on 5V
– Power rail with
– Noise filtering
– 32 standard power slots
– 20-slot zone with up to 800mA on +12V and -12V
– 12-slot zone with up to 800mA on +12V and -12V
– Link system and smart handle to fasten a MiniBrute 2/2S or another RackBrute unit in various configurations
– Built-in Spacers for the highest protection in transport configuration

Box contents:
– RackBrute 6U unit
– Power cord

Size & weight:
– Instrument size : 19 x 13.2 x 3.3 inches (484 x 300 x 83mm)
– Instrument weight : 8.3 lbs. (3.76 Kg)

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