Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer is a Classic Analog Drum Machine (Roland TR-606 Clone) with 8x Drum Sounds, 16-Step Sequencer and Distortion Effects.

Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer Features:
– Amazing Drum Machine with true analog circuitry for classic sound performance
– Authentic reproduction of original circuitry with matched transistors
– 8 original drum sounds with mix parameters and global accent capability
– Highly acclaimed and authentic clap sound from the DR-110 drum machine
– 6 independent analog outputs for external processing or recording your rhythms as multi-track audio
– Easy-to-use 16-step drum sequencer with real-time switching between 32 separate patterns
– Patterns can be chained into full songs with up to 250 bars
– Distortion circuitry modeled after the RAT* adds insane spice and edge to your sounds
– 16 authentic-style step buttons with LED indicators for easy pattern creation
– 11 controls and 26 switches to give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
– MIDI and USB implementation for synchronization and connection to external devices
– Sync options include USB, MIDI, Clock and Internal for maximum versatility

The Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer provides all the tools you need to become a master beat-maker, including: 8 drum sound and a 16-step sequencer – for a quick and easy-to-use drum machine that’ll shake the house! Whether you’re new to drum programming or a seasoned pro looking to enhance your setup, the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer has everything you need to step up to the big leagues.

Masterpiece Rejuvenated
Great care has been taken in designing the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer to achieve new possibilities in beat creation by reviving a timeless design from one of the most classic drum machines of yesteryear. By taking a fresh and modern approach on a classic drum machine, the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer gives you the power to harness the phenomenal sound of the venerable TR-606 and tap into some new features as well. Punchy bass drums through sizzling hi-hats and even the authentic and renowned BR-110 clap sound can be manipulated to take your rhythm performance to the next level. This is an analog beat-making monster!

Complete Control
Built to enhance the way you perform, the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer boasts a 16-step drum sequencer which allows for real-time switching between 32 separate patterns. Start building song structures on-the-fly and even edit them to your liking. Mix any of the 8 drum sounds by adjusting their dedicated level knobs. The Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer also comes with a distortion based on the venerable DS-1. Add spice and a bit of edge to your tone by flipping the Distortion switch on and adjusting the amount and tone of the distortion. Each pattern you create can also be chained into a whole song up to 256 bars which adds up to eight and a half minutes of beats perfect for those spicy jams where you just can’t stop.

USB Control
To bring the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer into the modern age, USB connectivity has been added for sync and MIDI triggering. This enables the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer to be controlled by your DAW if desired, allowing songs and patterns to be swapped or individual sounds to be triggered.

The Numbers
The Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer has 11 knobs and 26 buttons, all laid out in a highly-intuitive format that puts the fun back into your beat creation. Input and output connections include: Open or Closed Hi-Hat, Clap, Cymbal, Low and Hi Tom, Snare and Bass Drum Voice Outs; Start/Stop for connecting a foot pedal; MIDI In, Out and Thru over USB for connecting the Behringer RD-6-LM (lime) Rhythm Designer to a DAW and 5 pin MIDI ports.

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