Buchla LEM218 v3 is a Touch Capacitive Keyboard Interface.

Though our lives are dominated by touchscreens, when it comes to music, there’s still a lot of magic in capacitive touch control. Don Buchla was one of the first to apply this technology to electronic music in the Buchla 112 module. The non-traditional sounds were controlled with a futuristic interface. This fantastic idea met many iterations in Buchla history: the Music Easel, 400, 700, Thunder, and 223 all employed touch technology.

Buchla USA is proud to present the third iteration of one of the most used touch interfaces, the 218, as the Buchla LEM218 v3: the 218e version3 Lunar Excursion Module. The first design appeared in the 1973 release of the Buchla Music Easel and named for the spacecraft that delivered astronauts to the moon. Providing the familiar piano key layout for this early mobile music machine, the additional controls and capabilities were an interface for exploring uncharted musical territory. With the new version 3, it’s been updated with a new foundation of stable, modern electronics and plenty of inputs and outputs to integrate with your Buchla, MIDI, and Eurorack gear.

Capacitive Magic
The incredible sensitivity and accuracy of the redesigned touch bed means the lightest touch will produce triggers and control voltage for your setup. The adjustable sensor has the dynamic range and durability to handle your playing. The new texture not only improves the sensing, but provides a satisfying tactile experience.

As always, pressure is an expressive output, adding an extra dimension to the control. MIDI outputs velocity and polyphony, as well as channel pressure, making the Buchla LEM218 v3 a uniquely expressive controller for all your synthesizers. The configurable touchstrip adds a fantastic addition for pitch bend or as an additional modulator to patch into your system.

MIDI Polyphony, Velocity & More!
More than just MIDI compatible, the Buchla LEM218 v3 gives you a unique interface to playing your existing MIDI gear and soft synths. Each touch outputs note name, channel pressure, and velocity for every note, along with sustain controls from a pedal. Polyphonic MIDI mode lets you play chords. The touchstrip can act as a pitch bend control, or as a mod wheel for additional expressive control. Easily configured using the front panel controls, you can send notes and controls on any MIDI channel. Send the Buchla LEM218 v3 some MIDI, and it gets converted to voltages and gates for eurorack and Buchla control.

Get More For Your Euro
Even if you don’t have any Buchla products, the Buchla LEM218 v3 is designed to work with your Eurorack-compatible gear. Four 3.5mm jacks output 1v/octave pitch, 0-8 volts pressure, touchstrip voltage, and gate outputs for use with Eurorack equipment. Or, combine your Euro with your Buchla instruments. If NATO can do it, so can you. The sound design possibilities will blow your mind.

A pulse input allows the arpeggiator to be driven by external inputs and are allowed to interact with the automated notes to make the pattern more complex. Additional controls allow you to blend different patterns and randomness to easily change from the expected to the surprising.

The classic preset voltage knobs offer several possible ways to shift your sounds into new territory. Not only can the knobs be used for quick access to voltages for your patch, they can control arpeggiation modes and octave shifting. Pads output pulses for additional control

Set It Up Your Way
Such a unique device will spark many ideas. With easy front panel configuration, you can quickly customize the velocity and pressure sensitivity, MIDI channel, knob behavior, and more. No cumbersome software setups, just simple settings with the keys and knobs, and you’re ready to play.

Buchla LEM218 v3 Buchla LEM218 v3


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