– A-100 miniature case (“A-100 beauty case”)
– built-in A-100 miniature power supply/bus board with higher output current (200 mA @ +/-12V and 50 mA @ +5V)
– useable width: 32 HP (e.g. four modules with 8 HP), new since September 2008, the former version had only 28 HP available
– 4 bus connectors (i.e. max. 4 modules)
– alternatively raw wood (top right picture) or or black coated (top left picture), the raw version may be varnished by the customer in any desired color (e.g. with a color spray can, see red example)
– outside measures: about 180 width x 155 height x 125 depth
– max. module depth in the left area: about 55 mm (because of the heat sinks of the power supply), the width of the area with the reduced depth is about 60 mm
– max. module depth in the right area: about 85 mm, the width of the area with the non-reduced depth is about 100 mm
– pay attention to the suitable module widths if you order the modules, e.g. A-112, A-113, A-126 or A-199 (because of the spring reverb tank) cannot be mounted into the A-100MC
– the handles on top of the cases are enclosed but not mounted, two holes with about 3 mm diameter have to be drilled to mount the handle, if the miniatures cases have to be stacked on top of each other the handles have to be omitted
– prices include the built-in miniature power supply/bus
– prices do not include modules
– versions with transformer include an external transformer (wall outlet type) with 230 V mains voltage and European mains connector. Sorry – we have no transformers for 115V mains voltage available. Please ask the Doepfer representative in your country for availability of transformers with 115V mains voltage.

Doepfer A-100MC Miniature Case Raw Doepfer A-100MC Miniature Case...


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