The Eurorack Module Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO is a low-cost four-fold modulation oscillator, often called LFO (low frequency oscillator). Like the other modules of the A-143 series (A-143-1 and A-143-2) not a very “exciting” module, just a bread-and-butter device and a simple demon for work.

Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO contains four simple LFOs. Each LFO is equipped with three waveform outputs: triangle, rectangle and rising sawtooth. The frequency of the sawtooth output is twice the frequency of the other outputs. A three-way switch is used to select one of three frequency ranges mid-low-high, spanning from about two cycles per minute at the lowest, to moderate audio frequency at the highest (about 5 kHz).

Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO features:
– Width: 14HP / 70.8mm
– Depth: 40mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel)
– Current: +70mA (+12V) / -60mA (-12V)

Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO


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