Dreadbox Erebus RE (Reissues) is an unique sounding Analog Synthesizer and it is finally back warmer and snappier than ever in Eurorack Format.

Dreadbox Erebus RE (Reissues):
– Full analog synth, faithful reproduction of the 1st Erebus version ( produced through 2014-2016)
– Can be used as a standalone unit or as a Eurorack module , 42HP sized
– Powered by a simple USB adapter for maximum portability and energy efficiency
– 2 VCO’s with the ability to work into paraphony
– 2 waveform / VCO and Hard sync function (new from the old version!)
– Separate glide controls for each VCO
– 2 pole Dreadbox Low pass – pre fed filter
– Lo-fi delay
– 1 ADSR envelope and a AR amp envelope , drastically improved from the original version
– 1 x wide range LFO that can go well into the audio rate
– 18 x patch point to interact with eurorack gear
– CV outs: LFO, Envelope, Modulation well, Gate, CV1(1v/oct for oscillator1), CV2(1v/oct for oscillator2)
– CV ins: Osc1 (1v/ocv for osc1), Osc2 (1v/ocv for osc2), Echo time, Filter CUT off, CV (1v/ocv for both osc), GATE, LFO rate, PW (width of the square wave of OSC1), VCA.

Dreadbox Erebus RE (Reissues) Specifications:
– Midi interface: Midi In 3,5mm type A socket, responds to Pitch , Note On/Off, Mod wheel, Pitch wheel, and to all channels + OMNI channel (via midi learn)
– Mono Audio in
– Mono audio out – Can be also used with headphones, max output is 5vpp- depending on the setting
– All patch points are 3,5mm mono action (except of the MIDI and AUDIO out)
– GATE in : 0-5V
– Gate out : 0-5v
– CV IN, OSC1 and OSC2 inputs : +/-10v , works with 1v/ocv
– CUT cv in: +/-5v
– MOD wheel out: 0-5v
– ENV out :0-5v
– LFO out : +/-5v
– LFO rate CV in : +/-5v
– PW in : +/-5v
– Echo cv in: +/-5v
– VCA cv in: 0-5v

Dreadbox Erebus RE Reissues Dreadbox Erebus RE (Reissues) ...


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