Erica Synth Black Hole DSP 2 features 24x custom effects, designed in close co-operation of Erica Synths team rider KODEK and creator of SpinCAD software Gary Worsham.

Each effect has 3 manually and CV controllable parameters, manual and CV control over sampling frequency for spanning from 48kHz to really Lo-Fi crunchy sound and full analogue dry/wet control. All effect parameter settings can be saved to the memory and instantly recalled with the effect, which makes Erica Synth Black Hole DSP 2 ideal for live performances.

Erica Synth Black Hole DSP 2 Features:
– 24 custom FV-1 effects
– Stereo INs and OUTs
– 3 manually and CV controllable parameters
– CV controlled effect selection
– Manually and CV controllable DSP CPU clock rate
– Effect settings memory
– Full analogue Dry/Wet control
– Clipping LED

Technical Specification:
– Input signal amplitude -5…+5V (or 0…+10V)
– Output signal amplitude -10V – +10V
– Max sampling rate 48kHz
– CV level (full span) -5V – +5V
– Power consumption +70mA, -56mA
– Module width 16HP
– Module depth 35mm

“Well built, easy-to-use multi-effects processor that can generate plenty of useful and musical results. Importantly, the effects are as musically useful as exciting, and in combo with the Crush parameter, the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2 is a clear stand-out as a multi-effects module within the Eurorack scene. Verdict: 8.9” – Future Music

“In total, the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2 convince me. It’s a high-quality multi-fx module with a large number (24) of effects. From classic to experimental effects, loopers or a drone oscillator, it offers a lot for the money. Also, a highlight is the playability of the individual effects with the help of the 3 parameters and the possibility to control them with CV. Thus, the Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2 is not only perfect for studio.” – Synth Anatomy

“At the beginning, quite unnoticed, the possibilities offered by the second version exert an ever-increasing attraction, until the smallest changes in the control system can produce significant sound differences.” – Amazona

“The spectrum of the 24 effects ranges from classical to experimental to small loopers and a drone oscillator. The improvements to the first version are additional new effects and more parameters – the revised design makes sense and is justified.” – Bonedo

Erica Synth Black Hole DSP 2 Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2


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