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iCon iCreativ (black)

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iCon iCreativ Black:
– Large sensitive touch screen
– 8 x 16 LED embedded layout on X and Y axes under the touch screen
– 6 selectable modes for different applications
1. Piano: The X-axis works as the keyboard’s white key and the Y-axis as 8 steps of expressive values (Factory default
that may change via iMap) with 8 Octave buttons
2. Pad: The touch screen is divided into 8 lit drum pads with 2 layers (total 16 pads)
3. Controls: The touch screen is divided into 8 vertical sliders with 2 layers (total 16 faders)
4. X/Y Pad: Use as a X/Y touch pad with 8 layers
5. Clip: 8 lit clip buttons with 2 layers (total 16 clips)
6. Arpeggio: 8 arpeggio memory slots with 8 groups (total of 64 memory slots) for the user to store their desired
arpeggio sequence (by importing MIDI file with iMapTM software provided)
– AirLightTM 3D effector built in with encoder knob to control different functions
– 4-assignable encoders
– 1-assignable fader
– 3-digi LED display
– iMapTM midi mapping software included for reassigning midi mapping and importing MIDI files for arpeggio memory slots
– Firmware upgrade via USB cable
– Extremely compact and perfectly match with MacBookTM
– Class-compliant with Windows XP, Vista (32 bit / 64 bit), and Mac OS X
– USB bus-powered
– 2xUSB Connectors for daisy chain with other i-series controller
– Available in Black and White
– Difference colors aluminum cover is available (optional)
– Custom laser-engraving service for aluminum cover is available at on-line purchase (optional)

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