Knobula Echo Cinematic is a practical stereo effects device inspired by the dub music culture that emerged from Jamaica and landed in London during the early 1980s. Analog tape delays were routinely patched into the mixing desk through a channel strip, to be Eq’d and fed back to themselves via the FX send bus. The engineer could manipulate the Eq and FX send controls to create a constantly evolving rhythmic texture, a feedback loop teetering on the edge of self-oscillation.

Knobula Echo Cinematic does away with the need for a sophisticated mixing desk and expands on this principle with a versatile resonant filter and five independent sources of automation built into the module; two LFOs for both Eq and delay modulation, a 30 second knob recorder capable of simultaneously controlling every knob on the front panel, and two external CV inputs, instantly assignable to any control as you insert a patch cable.

The Eq section features three filter types: a high/low-pass filter, a peak/notch filter, and a classic comb filter. Each of these can be patched into either the feedback loop (Dub Mode), the delay output, or the entire signal path, including the dry signal. The delay section offers up to two seconds of delay with a tap delay facility that also applies grid snapping, allowing your delay settings to be constantly locked to your beat or to a clock signal. Reverb duties are taken care of by our lush 24-bit stereo reverb, as featured on our other cinematic modules.

Knobula Echo Cinematic Knobula Echo Cinematic


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