Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron features:
– Sample playback engine with 24-bit audio data
– 100 Mellotron and Chamberlain sounds – based on the original sound of the first generation from the 60s and 70s
– 25-Key keyboard
– Controller for octave, volume, tone, pitch and A/B mix
– 2 Displays
– Line output: 6.3 mm jack
– Sustain pedal input
– Stereo headphone-output 6.3 mm jack
– MIDI In/Out/Thru
– External power supply connection

The Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron is the smallest version of the Mellotron M4000D.

Designed with the travelling musician in mind, the Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron is the ideal portable keyboard for a producer and musician who wants the main features and sounds from the Mellotron Digital in a compact size.

Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron is the ideal companion for the travelling producer and can easily fit into your luggage.

Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron features 2 soundbanks; A & B, which can be simultaneously accessible and blended together to create a mix of the two different sounds. Instantly choose between 100 classic Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds that have been sourced from the original master tape libraries at 24-bit to provide a range of sounds to play. The numerous amount of sounds make the Micro a versatile keyboard for a range of genres and provides the classic, old school sounds including choir, strings, brass and more.

Features the Classic Tape Masters

Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron takes the sounds from the first generation master tapes and are of superior quality. Playback is done via advanced signal modeling of the different instruments and the desired instrument can be selected in a sub-menu. The 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds playback in full resolution without any data compression.
High Quality Controller for Your Studio

As well as being made for the moving producer, the Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron is ideal for being used in your home studio with options for MIDI in, out, and thru for integrating to your computer. The sustain jack can also be used to transmit MIDI data when the Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron is used as a MIDI conttroller.

Mellotron Micro Digital Mellotron Features:
– 25 keys, 2-octave keyboard
– Semi-weighted keys
– 100 Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds built-in (captured from original master tapes with no data compression)
– A and B soundbanks can be blended together with mix control
– Instant loading of sounds (no delay)
– Controls for volume, tone, pitch adjustment, octave
– Pitch changes playback speed of samples up to +/-700 cents (+/-7 semitones)
– Smallest version of M4000D Digital Mellotron
– Compact and Portable
– MIDI in, out, thru
– 1/4″ ports for headphones and sustain

– Dimensions: 490.22 x 182.88 x 63.5mm
– Weight: 2.5kg

Mellotron Micro M4000D Mellotron Micro


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