Moog Spectravox is a groundbreaking tool for sculpting sound: it is a Semi-Modular Analog spectral processor based around a 10-band filter bank, creates lively drones and colorful tonal sweeps on its own and adds resonant depth and psychedelic spectral movement to any external sound.

Hook up a microphone and Moog Spectravox becomes a 10-band analog vocoder with innovative integrated modulation of all of its filters. An exploration and expansion of the topology of the vocoder and filter bank, Moog Spectravox is a highly flexible instrument and signal processor with a comprehensive patch bay for integration into studios of all sizes.

A Groundbreaking Tool for Scultpting Sound
Synthesists have delighted in playing with the spectrum of sound since the Moog 907 Fixed Filter Bank appeared in the 1960s, creating lush vowel tones and multicolored timbral animation with hands-on level control of each frequency band of a sound. Unlike earlier fixed filter banks, however, the unique filters of Moog Spectravox are no longer fixed in place and will jointly shift around the frequency space, allowing for the creation of otherworldly voltage-controlled spectral animation and vibrant phaser-like sweeps. With 10 filters whose variable resonance can morph from soft precision to shimmering choral effects, Spectravox reshapes the sounds you love into surprising new forms and brings a new world of sonic possibilities to your studio.

10-Band Analog Vocoder
Moog Spectravox is a fascinating standalone sculptable synthesizer voice thanks to its built-in carrier sound source of a thick analog Moog oscillator and white noise generator. With its combo XLR/jack program input, Moog Spectravox becomes a fully featured 10-band vocoder with a secondary filter bank for analyzing the spectral makeup of incoming sounds. In VOCODER mode its 10 analysis filters map the timbral characteristics of any external sound onto any other sound you can imagine. Shape the warm analog oscillator of Moog Spectravox with the dynamics of your voice, or use a drum machine to animate guitar chords in a mesmerizing broadband percussive space.

Electronic Instruments for the Musician
Moog Spectravox uses the pioneering vocoding work of Bob Moog and Wendy Carlos in the late 1960s as its inspiration—work which was based on Homer Dudley’s original designs from the 1930s and which was used to prominent effect in Stanley Kubrick’s 1972 film A Clockwork Orange. Innovating further from these early designs, Moog Spectravox uses 10 state-variable filters for its filter bank, all 10 of which are capable of being shifted with its internal triangle wave LFO or external control voltage. With the ability to emphasize vowel sounds via the Hiss and Buzz functionality of the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder, Moog Spectravox is both a major step forward for analog filter banks and a loving exploration of early music technology history.

Scramble the Frequency Spectrum
Scramble the frequency spectrum and create wonderfully unpredictable textures with patch points for each filter in the filter bank and included patch cables. Add analog warmth and subtle phasing to digital synthesizers and sound sources. Integrate Moog Spectravox with other semi-modular instruments or Eurorack modules with an extensive patch bay providing control over almost all of its parameters. Moog Spectravox is a boundary-pushing instrument that invites you to explore creative new ways of shaping and sculpting sound.

– SOUND SOURCE: VCO, White Noise Generator
– FILTER: 10x variable resonance voltage-controlled filters: 1 Low-Pass Filter, 8 Bandpass Filters, 1 High-pass Filters
– ANALYSIS ENGINE SOURCES: Ext. Input via 1/4″ / XLR combo jack or 3.5mm jack with preamplifier. XLR input supports dynamic mics.
– PATCHBAY JACKS: 36 x 3.5mm
– INPUTS: 19 Input Jacks
– OUTPUTS: 17 Output Jacks
– AUDIO OUT: 1⁄4” TRS Headphone or 1⁄4” TS Instrument
– SECURITY: Kensington lock slot
– POWER SUPPLY: wall adapter; barrel connection; center-pin positive
– INPUT: 100 – 240VAC; 50 Hz – 60 Hz
– OUTPUT: +12VDC; 2.0A
– EURORACK CURRENT DRAW: 450mA (maximum) from +12VDC (10-pin header)
– MOUNTING DIMS: 60HP (1.5” Module Depth)

Moog Spectravox Moog Spectravox


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