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Motu Volta is a virtual instrument plug-in that turns your audio interface into a voltage control interface.

With Motu Volta, any hardware device with a control voltage (CV) input can be placed under precise digital control from your favorite audio workstation software. You can play and automate modulars, analog synths, even effects processors.

With Motu Volta, you will be to play and automate your CV-equipped analog gear from Digital Performer, Logic Pro, or Live with the same level of control, precision and convenience as a virtual instrument.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Motu Volta:
– Perform MIDI sequencing with external modular synths with sample-accurate precision (if your host sequencer supports sample-accurate MIDI).
– Automatically calibrate and tune oscillators with the click of a button.
– Use ramp automation in your host audio software to control filters, envelope generators, effects processors and other voltage-controlled external gear.
– Apply LFOs, step sequencers and pattern sequencers to CV inputs and tempo-sync them to your host software timeline.

Whether you’re a seasoned modular synthesizer devotee or simply a computer-based studio owner dreaming of adding that rich, coveted sound only true analog synths can deliver, Motu Volta finally enables you to easily incorporate CV-equipped analog gear into your computer-based studio with all the control, precision and convenience of a virtual instrument.

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