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Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite is a premium moving magnet cartridge, based on the legacy of the Ortofon Concorde Mk2 Series.

Created with passion, combined with technology and close attention to detail, every feature of the Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite brings you a limitless experience with the music you love.

We have created a cartridge characteristic of Ortofon’s pioneering approach to design and years of extensive knowledge of reproducing music as it was meant to be heard. Owing to the upgrades of components, the Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite achieves a new level of sound quality not previously found in DJ categorized cartridges.

Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite features a new, special-molded stylus body with real gold plating. Encased by the gold is a Nude Elliptical diamond mounted on a rigid Aluminum-Magnesium cantilever. The nude diamond stylus, you normally will find in HiFi cartridges, delivers a sound so powerful and detailed, you will experience a remarkable level of live performance.

The properties of the Rigid 750 µm Aluminum-Magnesium Cantilever, exclusively developed for the Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite, ensure that the stylus picks up the groove vibrations with a stable and accurate trace performance, and provides the ideal interface between the stylus and armature.

In the armature, you’ll find a Unique Coil System transmitting the diamond’s movements to deliver an optimized output. The engineering of the coil system provides the Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite with a powerful, full-bodied sound of high quality and high output.

To ensure superior tracking performance, a new Rubber Suspension has been developed. The new rubber compound formula has been developed uniquely for the Ortofon Concorde mk2 Elite to attain the desired characteristics for an extraordinary performance of the cartridge.

Technical data:
– Stylus Type: Nude Elliptical
– Tracking Force: 3.0 g
– Output Voltage: 8.5 mV
– Frequency Range: 20-20.000 Hz

– Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. – 8,5 mV
– Channel balance at 1 kHz – 1 dB
– Channel separation at 1 kHz – 25 dB
– Channel separation at 15 kHz – 15 dB
– Frequency range at -3 dB – 20 – 20,000 Hz
– Tracking ability at 315Hz – 100 μm
– Compliance, dynamic lateral – 13 μm/mN
– Stylus type – Nude Elliptical
– Stylus tip radius – r/R 8/18 μm
– Tracking force range 2.0-4.0 g
– Tracking force recommended – 3.0 g
– Tracking angle – 20°
– Internal impedance, DC resistance – 1.2 kOhm
– Internal inductance – 800 mH
– Recommended load resistance – 47 kOhm
– Recommended load capacitance – 150-400 pF
– Cartridge weight excluding screws – 18.5 g
– Cartridge colour (body/stylus) – Black / Gold

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