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Reloop BeatMix 4 mk2

Performance-oriented 2-channel Pad Controller ‹Torna indietro

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Ortofon DIGITRACK Stylus Quick View

Ortofon Stylus Digitrack

The Ortofon Stylus Digitrack is the perfect marriage of easy and function: you can now manipulate MP3's with the style and feel of a turntablist and the tradition of a turntable.
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Ortofon O-One

The Ortofon O-One produces balanced, reference-grade signal output, worthy of use in critical listening situations. The Ortofon O-One, unlike other closed-back designs, was ...
200,00 99,99 Acquista

Behringer DJX750 Pro DJ Mixer

The Behringer DJX750 Pro Mixer is a Professional 5-Channel DJ Mixer with Advanced Digital Effects and BPM Counter. It merges intuitive operation with built-in digital effects ...
285,00 228,99 Acquista
In offerta! Native Instruments TRAKTOR Kontrol F1 Quick View

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1

TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 is the definitive hardware for controlling the powerful Remix Decks™ in TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 – the flagship DJ software included with the F1. Finally, you can ...
200,00 167,99 Acquista
Ortofon PRO S Stylus Quick View

Ortofon Stylus Pro S

Ortofon Stylus Pro S
30,00 28,99 Acquista
Ortofon NIGHT CLUB mkII Stylus Quick View

Ortofon Stylus Night Club mk2

Ortofon Stylus Night Club mk2
70,00 49,99 Acquista
In offerta! M-Audio TORQ Control Vinyl Red Quick View

M-Audio Torq Control Vinyl Red

M-Audio TORQ Control Vinyl Red permette di manipolare file audio in Torq utilizzando il tuo piatto preferito. Basta collegarlo ad una interfaccia audio adatta, attivare il ...
20,00 9,99 Acquista
Ortofon SCRATCH Stylus Quick View

Ortofon Stylus Scratch

Ortofon Stylus SCRATCH
45,00 34,99 Acquista
Ortofon ELEKTRO Stylus Quick View

Ortofon Stylus Elektro

Ortofon Stylus Elektro
48,99 Acquista
Ortofon Stylus Pro Quick View

Ortofon Stylus Pro

Great performance and durability as to basic scratch and back-cueing is what the Ortofon Stylus Pro is known for. Ortofon Stylus Pro has a good quality spherical stylus, a ...
35,00 28,99 Acquista