SonicWare Liven Ambient 0 Overview:
– Immersive Ambient Generator: 4 layers of tone and texture -Drone, Pad, Atmos, and Noise- merge to generate resonance and transformation.
– Blendwave Modulation Synthesis: Newly developed synth-engine with 6 structures, designed to create undulating and fluctuating tones.
– Noise and Space: The Noise layer processes 8-second stereo sampling loops with noise blending and pitch modulation.
– Extensive Effects Section: 9 types of lush Reverb with shimmer, plus 6 types of effects including Tape Delay and Master Chorus.
– Sequencer on Each Layer: Records performances and evolving tonal changes.

Immersive Ambient Generator
– 4 layers of tone and texture -Drone, Pad, Atmos, and Noise- merge to generate deep resonance and continuous transformation.
– SonicWare Liven Ambient Ø (zero) is incredibly easy to use. Start by playing a tone from one layer using the note hold function. While listening closely, simply tweak the knobs to modify the tone and add other layers to shape a pleasing sound.

Blendwave Modulation Synthesis
– We conducted extensive research into creating undulating and fluctuating tones for SonicWare Liven Ambient Ø, resulting in the development of a new wavetable-based synthesis.
– Blendwave Modulation Synthesis combines 6 unique structures with 32 WAVEs featuring complex harmonic transitions, making it easy to create powerful low drones, lush pads, and transparent pizzicatos, perfect for Ambient Music.

Noise and Space
– The Noise layer includes 8 specially selected nature sounds, offering noise blending, pitch adjustment and modulation to infuse unique spatial characteristics.
– Additionally, it allows for up to 8 seconds of stereo sampling from the line input, letting you create personalized textures.

Extensive Effects Section
– SonicWare Liven Ambient Ø is equipped with 9 types of lush reverb, each offering unique spatial dimensions and brightness settings. You can individually adjust the reverb send and shimmer send (for layering octaves) for each layer.
– In addition to the reverb, SonicWare Liven Ambient Ø offers an effect unit with Tape Delay, Reverse Delay, and 4 master effects; Overdrive, Bit/Rate Crush, Tilt EQ, and Stereo Chorus.

Sequencer on Each Layer
– You can not only layer the four tones, but each layer also includes a sequencer that allows you to record keyboard performances.
– Furthermore, you can record changes in numerous parameters, including level, pan, and filter movement over time.
– Sequence up to 64 steps per pattern.
– Random playback of sequence phrases.
– Probability of notes sounding can be set from 25 – 100%.
– Program notes step by step or record them in real time. Additionally, you can also input notes to specific steps while the sequencer is playing to add variation.
– Overwrite notes in real-time with one touch while playing back sequence phrases.
– The Parameter Lock function allows you to record knob changes into your patterns. This can be recorded live, or programmed in step by step.

16 Ambient Sound Pattern Palettes, crafted by expert sound designers
– No need to start from scratch. Choose a palette that fits your mood, start playing tones, tweak the knobs, and layer them following your heart. Thus, your inner thoughts and emotions will be crafted into sound.

Play On The Go: Portable, Built-in speaker, and Battery-powered
– Leave your usual workspace and try using SonicWare Liven Ambient Ø in your living room or outdoors. As its evolving sounds mixes with the surrounding environmental noises, you are likely to experience genuine Ambient Music.

SonicWare Liven Ambient 0 SonicWare Liven Ambient Ø


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