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Vermona DRM1 mk4 is an Analog Drum Synthesizer.

Since the mid-nineties, the Vermona DRM1 has been synonymous with electronic drum and percussion sounds based on analog circuitry coupled with an uncompromising control surface. The Vermona DRM1 mk4 continues this tradition.

Vermona DRM1 mk4 has eight channels that, like the components of a real drum kit, are specialized to produce specific percussive instruments:
– KICK: Covers a huge spectrum of bass drum sounds from soft to hard and from short to loooooong.
– DRUM 1 and DRUM 2: Toms, tom toms, metallic percussion sounds, wood blocks, bongos, kick drums and more.
– MULTI: Cowbells, Zaps, Laser sounds and Bongos.
– SNARE: All kinds of Snares including Rimshots.
– HIHAT 1 and HIHAT 2: Hihats, Cymbals and Triangles, each in open and closed versions.
– CLAP: Handclaps of all kinds.

Seven handy soft-grip knobs for controlling sound-related parameters, completed with a panorama and a volume control build the heart of each instrument channel. All in all, 73 control elements make the Vermona DRM1 mk4 a creative playground for your electronic beats’ phonetic realization.

The instrument channels can be triggered by MIDI via USB or DIN jacks. Optionally, the Vermona DRM1 mk4 is available with analog trigger inputs. This allows controlling it by classic analog sequencers with gate signals or realizing its integration in modular systems. In addition, the Vermona DRM1 mk4 ’s trigger option can convert the analog trigger impulses into MIDI messages. Both, MIDI and trigger inputs support dynamics (velocity).

– eight analog instrument channels
– 73 knobs for real-time access to all parameters
– single output/insert per instrument channel
– stereo and headphone outputs
– MIDI (trigger) via DIN or USB port
– optional analog trigger inputs that recognizes dynamic levels and converts gate to MIDI messages
– switching power supply (100…240 V AC; 50/60 Hz)

A classic’s makeover
The Vermona DRM1 mk4 update starts with lovingly detailed improvements and optimizations to the instrument channels and ends with a complete overhaul of the power supply including the control center and the trigger option. Nevertheless, it remains a DRM1 and thus its original.

A list with all changes can be found here:

– witching power supply (100…240 V, 50/60 Hz)
– MIDI OUT (DIN) beside MIDI IN and THRU
– USB port for MIDI and !rmware updates
– switch-on delay (no clicks and crackle when switching on/o” the unit)
– improved signal-to-noise ratio

Instrument Channels:

– frequency range adjustments (22 Hz…380 Hz)
– waveshaper improved (purer sine and more aggressive square)
– ATTACK impulse revised

– different frequency ranges for DRUM channels
– DRUM 1: 18 Hz…300 Hz (FM oscillator: 1,25 Hz…550 Hz)
– DRUM 2: 24 Hz…430 Hz (FM oscillator: 1,25 Hz…785 Hz)
– FM oscillator is now synchronized with the trigger signal
– BEND range adjusted

– sound generators revised (more stable in level and frequency)
– DECAY times for open and closed hihat revised

– CLAP parameter revised (impulse number and gap)
– crossfade from pink to white noise (COLOR)

Optional Trigger inputs
– dynamic can be processed (different modes)
– analog trigger events can be transformed to MIDI events (DIN and USB output)

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